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Healthcare is an expensive and time-consuming concern that your sellers have.

  • The average waiting time to see a doctor in the U.S. is 24 days*.

  • Many health plans have a $30-$60 copay, even for simple doctor visits.

  • Members put off care because of high costs of ER and UC.

MDLIVE solves these issues for simpler healthcare.

  • The largest virtual care network with over 25 million members.

  • Board-certified doctors (not a nurse line) with an average of 15 years practice experience.

  • Our doctors can diagnose and prescribe 24/7/365 in all 50 states and U.S. territories, and offer consultative visits for other regions.

  • There is no charge for the member to use MDLIVE, and it covers their entire family.

  • The average waiting time to talk to a doctor is < 10 minutes.

Save Lost Time

On average, a doctor's appointment takes 4 hours out of a person's regular routine before they are back to their production activities. 

Office visits - 4 hours away from work.PNG

MDLIVE gets members feeling better, faster.

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