How Does it Work?



Virtual Care, Anywhere

Computer, smartphone, and land-line access to great care,

anywhere in the US and its territories, 24/7/365.



Real Savings


  • 70% of office visits can be done by virtual visit

  • Fewer time off requests for doctor visits

  • Direct employees to better, less expensive facilities

  • Lower claims equals lower renewals


  • Doctor consultations without a copay

  • No need to leave work to get care

  • Save up to 85% on prescriptions

  • Compare costs and save on upcoming procedures



Top Five Reasons We Visit the ER or Urgent Care


(Shown prices are averages from the University of Utah, HCA and IASIS hospitals.)



Success Story - Inventory Company


     "We have had a great experience with MDLIVE as a benefit for our employees for the last year and a half.  Our employees and their families love having a doctor in their pocket they can access for free, and they actually use it.  We have had over 120 visits, which has saved about $60,924 in claims from hitting our medical plan.  That is more than a 600% return on our investment that will help us as we work to keep our health insurance costs from skyrocketing.  We love MDLIVE and plan on having it as a convenient and valuable part of our benefits package for years to come."

-Executive Team




MDLIVE is the nation's largest virtual care network with over 23 million members.

MDLIVE's board-certified physicians average 15 years of practice experience. 


Employee satisfaction rating

Patient Issues resolved

Would recommend MDLIVE


Average wait time < 10 minutes


NCQA certified/accredited and follows URAC guidelines for quality care.



Why MDLIVE is better than the telemedicine in your health plan


Many health plans include telemedicine, but not in a way that benefits you.


They charge a copay or $49 to $100 per consultation

Your health plan may be charged with a claim

Employees are 3 times less likely to use it due to the cost



Why Now?

Telemedicine is growing, and saves employers money.  According to Mercer's benefits survey, the number of employers offering telemedicine doubled in 2016.*

EBN contributor Allan Khoury, M.D. recommends offering free telemedicine to employees.  By not doing so, he says, "...employers will be leaving billions of dollars of savings on the table every year."** 

*EBN - "Telemedicine Offerings Double Within Past Year"

**EBN - "Why Employers Should Consider Offering Free Telemedicine"



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